Givers Clique is a donation platform for Clique Members. We Offer the best and most sustainable plans. Earn 25% ROI with Naira and 30% with Bitcoin within 24 hours of your first pledge and earn same every 7 days.

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Givers Clique

We Offer the best and most sustainable plan. We boast of the best referal program in peer to peer donation as you can choose to refer someone and earn 10% of your downlines pledge. Change your Live by joining Givers Clique today.

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How Givers Clique Works

  1. Registration: All intending Clique members must fill the registration form and verify their e-mail address and phone numbers at their point of registrations to ensure that they are real persons.
  2. CURRENCY OF CHIOCE: All Cliques members must at their point of making a pledge select their currency of chioce to donate and the currency to receive. NOTE: It is not possible to make any changes after making a pledge.
  3. 25% AND 35% ROI IN 24 Hours: Givers Clique gives 25% ROI for Clique members pledging with NAIRA and 35% ROI for Clique members pledging with BITCOIN in a duration of 24 hours for their first pledge, and sebsequently same percentage return on investment(ROI) on a 7 days duration.
  4. 2,000.00 NGN Registration fees: All Clique members must pay a registration fees of 2k or its equilavents in bitcoin this is part of our mechnism to keep unserious participants out of our clique. however, this 2k Registration fee will be part of Clique members first pledge.
  5. MULTIPLE PLEDGE: The Clique system supports multiple pledging. This implies that you have the ability to make as many pledges as you want and have them grow differently.
  6. 5,000.00 NGN MINIMUN PLEDGE: Everyone can participate with a token as low as 5,000.00 NGN to as high as 1 million Naira this is also a part of our aims to ensure that all our Clique members both the haves and the have-not can effectively participates.
  7. RECOMMITMENT: The platform supports a minimum of 100% recommitment plan for all members of our Clique.
  8. BLOCKED ACCOUNTS: The fees for the reopening of blocked account will be dependent on your pledge. The higher your pledge the higher your fees.
  9. REFERRAL BONUS: Referral bonus is 10% for downliners first pledge and 5% for subsequent pledges. With this policy you can earn as much as you can reffering others.
  10. AUTOMATIC MERGING: Givers Clique will the adopt System Based Automerging Algorithm (SBAA) because of her strong desire for accountability and transparency.

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Gonjing Bekind

27 Feb 2019 by 01:02 PM

If you still doubt G.clique, you're missing outπŸ˜€ I call on all who wish to make cool money to register quickly..no time o

Amusa Ojo Akeem

02 Mar 2019 by 08:22 PM

Am Amusa from Oshogbo Osun state, am really appreciate givers clique, I pH 100kand GH 140k thanks givers, long life.

Ilesanmi Ojo Temitope

24 Apr 2019 by 11:48 PM

I have seen many good things about you cos you saved my life when I was in need of money


24 Feb 2019 by 07:08 AM

My name is fawehinmi Peter I am participant in Givers Clique I proved help of 50000 and I get help of 62500. Thanks to Givers Clique. Together we maker it.

Herve Maurice Isa

19 Feb 2019 by 08:17 AM

Sometimes i wonder whether am dreaming or not about how true this investment is, but I believe our sacrifices are not in vain. Thank u givers clique

Akingbade Olatunde

18 Apr 2019 by 10:37 PM

Givers clique is the best. Join givers clique today. And get rich. Make legit money with givers clique.

Beebetu Timipere

14 Feb 2019 by 08:36 AM

Givers clique is indeed a nice platform I have doubted before but I no longer doubt because whenever its time for me to get my money its always successful. Big ups to givers clique

Ogunniyi Musa Oladimeji

10 Feb 2019 by 06:59 AM

am a new comer here,,, but i need too make it ,,,somebody tell me about this giversclique that the plat from is good

Ezeh Odinaka

12 Feb 2019 by 03:28 PM

Good good good Everywhere good givers clique rocks mmuaa 😘😘😘😘 Rocking ma mula in folds Thanks givers clique πŸ‘

Ajagbe Omotayo

13 Feb 2019 by 04:04 PM

When this platform were introduce to me by a friend I was so scared to be scamming... But is not what I thought you are so full of wonderful ... may God continue bless admin Because of u I can afford to pay for my accommodation in best time now I appreciate one more time admin More bless upon u

Gaius Chinedu

14 Feb 2019 by 01:39 AM

My name is chinedu, am happy to tell you that givers clique is real. I gave help of 50000 and i recieve 62000 in 7 days. Thanks to clique members.

Beebetu Timipere

14 Feb 2019 by 08:36 AM

Givers clique is indeed a nice platform I have doubted before but I no longer doubt because whenever its time for me to get my money its always successful. Big ups to givers clique

Aduodeh Osolobrugwe

15 Feb 2019 by 12:48 AM

May God allow you guys stay for long. I must say that i am really enjoying this new platform and may God bless you guys for bringing joy to us again.

Bright Aihebhoria

15 Feb 2019 by 08:10 PM

All thanks to this wonderful platform, i have been getting 25% interest on ever investment i make here every week, thanks to Givers clique i hope you never fall.

Onwuka Loveline Amaka

16 Feb 2019 by 11:33 PM

Givers clique is good and reliable till tomorrow and the participants are good partners... Try and see.... That givers is baba

Chukwudi Sunday

17 Feb 2019 by 08:26 PM

All payments received completely. All thanks to GC for maintaining their words. God bless GC and for GC I stand.

Beebetu Timipere

18 Feb 2019 by 12:47 PM

Nice platform keep up the good work it actually pays and I am glad I have joined this platform.more investment to go in


18 Feb 2019 by 01:42 PM

I want to use medium opportunity to sAy A very big Thank you to givers clique for putting smiles on our faces, at first i was afraid of investing with givers clique but not any more... Thank you once more we are grateful

Oyeniran Oluwafemi John

18 Feb 2019 by 02:12 PM

I didn't believe it at first, but I tried it and it's real, the best investment I have seen around I love Giversclique πŸ‘

Fawehinmi Wisdom Adesire

19 Feb 2019 by 10:08 AM

I am Fawehinmi Wisdom I request to get help of 7000 for my refers bonus and it as been paid to my account, thank to Givers clique for bringing smile to my face.

Joseph Edigue

20 Feb 2019 by 12:42 PM

I want to share what I have benefited from this platform. It has help me to get gain interest on my money. Instead of keeping it in the bank where there is no profit. Be a part of this great family. Givers clique, is reliable and safe....be a part of this great opportunity.


07 Feb 2019 by 02:13 AM

All thanks to God, for the life I'm living today and my famiy all thanks to God and thanks for protecting me and my family

Aduragbemi Oyeleke

07 Feb 2019 by 06:35 AM

Am so pleased & blessed the gh is fully received. You're doing great job. I pray for longevity. Thanks

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

07 Feb 2019 by 08:07 AM

My name is Edijana Peace Ufuoma from Ughelli Delta State, i provided help of #50000 and got help of #62500, i am so happy, long live Givers Clique, long live Participants.

Emmanuel Henry Iloka

07 Feb 2019 by 08:16 AM

Givers clique has been good to me, it is the best platform ever! Am so so happy to be part of this blessings forms givers clique

Akpulu Christian Chukwudi

07 Feb 2019 by 04:22 PM

Thanks to givers clique I just got my first alert they are real not scammers invite ur friends let's join the winning team givers clique

Fawehinmi Wisdom Adesire

07 Feb 2019 by 07:48 PM

1. I am Fawehinmi Wisdom I provided help of 20,000 and I get help of 25000. Within 7 day and it as been paid to my account hanks to Givers clique.

Ike Augustine Chibueze

08 Feb 2019 by 06:16 AM

This site is a good site this site can give you what you want please register for you own money

Muritala Kolawole Abdulrasheed

08 Feb 2019 by 09:26 AM

It is really cool and helpful I just hope they will keep running it this way without no future problem like mmm but for now it go smoothly

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

08 Feb 2019 by 09:47 AM

Peace Ufuoma Edijana is my name, i am from Ughelli Delta State, #50000 and GH #62500, long live GIVERS CLIQUE, long live Participants.

Igbojekwe Precious

08 Feb 2019 by 04:33 PM

giver is good to go I can wait to see my friends joining this giver it an open world let make money here friends

Orji Chukwuebuka Morgan

08 Feb 2019 by 09:20 PM

Good work givers clique You are one in a million The money I withdraw have been made Thanks for them


09 Feb 2019 by 07:39 AM

"Givers never lack'' At first i was scared but not anymore, i pledge a help of 7000 and i got help of 8700 all thanks to givers clique

Adikpe Promise Odah

11 Feb 2019 by 03:27 PM

At first when I heard about this donation platform I tot it was a scam but I said to myself why not try it and see, and boom it real, legit and pays.. Thanks givers clique donation Una be de lookπŸ˜€

Shedrack Bulus

11 Feb 2019 by 07:33 PM

An I pray that some people will come followed us enjoyed givers er so much helpful to everybody an to all people

Chigozie Evans Ogwo

12 Feb 2019 by 07:19 AM

My name is Chigozie Evans from Abuja Waooh Givers clique is the best just do what is good your alert is sure. I pray and wish management of the Givers Clique the best.

Emmanuel Ezeada

29 Jan 2019 by 02:35 PM

Givers clique is a nice platform that you can invest your money in. But be rest assured that you must be patient to be merged to payout, because this is a nice platform and they are lots of people pledging. I have gotten my first payment waiting to be merge to payout again.. Thanks givers clique

Fawehinmi Wisdom Adesire

31 Jan 2019 by 11:26 AM

I am Fawehinmi Wisdom I provided help of 20,000 and I got help of 25,000. I want to thank Givers clique for bringing smile to my face.

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

02 Feb 2019 by 12:41 PM

My name is Edijana Peace Ufuoma, from Ughelli Delta State, i provided help of #50,000 and got help of #62,500 long live Givers Clique, long live all good Participants.

Gonjing Bekind

04 Feb 2019 by 11:58 AM

It is all true!! I thought it was not real at first but when I received my payment I was like wow.... Thank you G clique

Adenuga Ayowale Gabriel

04 Feb 2019 by 06:21 PM

At first, i wasn't sure if this platform was real but i have to risk it. Now am getting paid and my fear is fading gradually. Thanks to Givers Clique.

Olalekan Tope

05 Feb 2019 by 01:01 PM

Am so glad for d payment. Up we go. God will grant the admins wisdom to move it higher. Thanks

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

05 Feb 2019 by 07:18 PM

My Name is Edijana Peace Ufuoma from Ughelli Delta State, i provided help of #50000 and got help of #62500, long live Participants, long live admin.

Chukwudi Sunday

05 Feb 2019 by 07:39 PM

Givers clique have done it again for me this evening. Alert of 25000 received successfully. Thank u once again givers clique.

Dskyrocket Christopher

06 Feb 2019 by 10:32 AM

God is really wonderful on Givers Clique, every thing is going accordingly i pray for God not to allow the people with evil mind to join this platform, with this Givers Clique i think the rate of corruption will one way or the other reduce in any country that this platform is allowed.

Kunle Atanda

06 Feb 2019 by 02:04 PM

At first am afraid to put my money but now I can invest all penny because the system work. Thanks

Abubakar Muhammad Sadiq

29 Jan 2019 by 08:14 PM

With Givers clique everyone is a king my first alert bagam. All thanks to Givers clique .tested and trusted trustedπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Chukwudi Sunday

30 Jan 2019 by 11:42 AM

Thank u givers clique.My gh payment was successfully received yesterday. God bless you. I pray for sustainablity of the system.

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

30 Jan 2019 by 03:36 PM

My Name is EDIJANA PEACE UFUOMA, from Ughelli Delta State, i provided help of #50,000 and get Help of #62,500 in Less than 30mins, Givers Clique is too sweet, long live Givers Clique, long live Participants.

Evelyn Chiamaka

31 Jan 2019 by 03:14 PM

Givers clique is really working. All my pledges were paid directly into my account. So gratefulπŸ™‡πŸ™Œβ€. Givers clique is really a working platform

Amaka Akajiugo

28 Jan 2019 by 09:38 PM

Yes ooo giversclique to the moon,the best peer to peer ever,love you forever,tell your mama tell your papa na Givers sure passes ooooooooooooo

Adebajo Adegbenro Emmanuel

31 Jan 2019 by 11:51 PM

Wow, this great, givers clique is paying right, don't miss out , register right now and enjoy and stand the chance of becoming great

Adebesin Oluyemi Joshua

27 Jan 2019 by 09:25 PM

I don't believe it until I received my first payment it's true good and ok if we can continue like this Nigeria will be good.. giversclique we are trustworthy people.

Edijana Peace Ufuoma

24 Jan 2019 by 07:17 PM

My Name is Edijana Peace Ufuoma, from Ughelli Delta State, i provided help of #50,000 and got help of #62500, i am very happy to be a participant of Givers Clique, long live Givers Clique long all Participant.

Orji Chukwuebuka Morgan

24 Jan 2019 by 07:24 AM

Thanks to Givers clique. This is for real I pledged last week and now they have paid me with my 25% interest. Thanks to Givers clique.

Abdullahi Haruna

18 Jan 2019 by 09:45 AM

This people are really wonderful. i have received my money with 25% interest from 2 other participants that paid me without even calling me. Givers clique is the best.

Olaniyi Iyiola

23 Jan 2019 by 06:56 PM

I Ajao olaniyi iyiola pledge 20.000naira and received my payment in two places successfully after the withdraw. Thanks givers clique.

Anaje Adaora Chigozie

18 Jan 2019 by 10:34 PM

My name is chichi12 ,I'm participant of giversclique i just received my first payment .wow my followers out thete come and join us to benefit with us.Thanks to gc

Orabasili Chukwudi

22 Jan 2019 by 10:14 AM

Givers is bea.... Am a victim of their awesomeness. I never thought it was real but I took the risk and invested the sum of 100k on 12/1/2019 and Lo and behold I got paid 125k in full days later and av been pledging and gaining ever since. A good way of gaining weekly to support my work earnings And family πŸ’° 😍😍😍😘😘

Ogunleye Abiola

16 Jan 2019 by 11:28 AM

Good bless the founders and promoters of this great platform, i never believed the possibility of this platform until i joined i was surprised to see that alert woke me up. There has never been any peer to peer donation platform like this one. thanks Givers Clique you made my day. i pray this platform continues like this till December.

Babalola Raymond

16 Jan 2019 by 07:47 AM

seeing is believing i have see and i believe Givers Clique is the best. more geese to the elbow of the admins. you guys are wonderful. i was paid even without been called. thanks.

Beauty Enabulele

14 Jan 2019 by 06:10 PM

hello since i joined Givers Clique it has been waking up to new alerts. I want to thank Givers Clique owners, those that paid me for their prompt payment even without calling me and also those i paid for their quick confirmation not forgetting my friend who introduced me to it. Am really grateful.

Adeyinka Julius

15 Jan 2019 by 09:53 PM

Givers stand to fill the gap between us and our financial difficulties. if we can all embrace the opportunity and utilize the benefits that accrues for been a participant. we will all become financially liberated. kudos to the admins

Helen Uwazie

15 Jan 2019 by 02:26 PM

up Givers! up givers!! up givers!!! givers clique all the way. they pay as at when due. guys if you have not joined you are missing

Emeka Nkem

15 Jan 2019 by 10:21 AM