Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some questions about our memberships? Here are some FAQs.

What is Givers Clique?

Givers Clique is an online Community that helps grow your finances with our Peer-to-Peer Investment Platform. Our Algorithms are extremely optimized and we provide round the hour Customer Support, so don't worry, you're in safe hands.

What is the Aim of Givers Clique?

Givers Clique was created to ERADICATE POVERTY and DEVELOP THE COMMUNITY using efficient models of DONATION structures & policies.

Who is Eligible to join Givers Clique?

There is no gender restrictions to those joining Givers Clique however, you must be 18 years and above to participate. Those looking towards growing their finances and are ready to honor and uphold the Vision of Givers Clique are all welcomed.

Can I own multiple Accounts?

Yes. But the system will require a different username, email address and Phone Number for validation. Your Name can be the same.

Do I have to refer someone to earn?

No, you don’t have to bring someone to earn. but you can choose to refer a friend and earn 10% of your downliners first donation and subsequently 2%. The system is designed for automation.

Do I have to publish a testimony before I can confirm a downline?

No, However it will help spread the news about the good we’re doing and help us impact on more lives and communities.

How long does it take to receive earnings?

All first pledge in the system takes 24 hours (1 Day) to mature for withdrawal irrespective of your currency chioce. In subsequent pledges However, it will take 7 days or 14 days.

How do I Receive My Payment?

Once your recommittment pledge has been confirmed by the Up-liner, then you are entitled to receive your payment from donors either through bank payment or bank transfer

If the Person Assigned to me doesn’t Pay, What next?

As long as you have been matched before, the system will remove the participant and assign another one after the allotted time.

What Document is Acceptable as Proof of Payment?

In disputes regarding falsified or unacknowledged payments, the official bank receipt (either in .pdf or .jpg format) will be given swift attention, others will be investigated, but there might be a slight delay.

Can I Upgrade my Current Package?

Yes, you can chose to upgrade your current plan and package. the system is designed to allow participants to move up as they wants to. However, participants are not encouraged to pledge below a previous amount.

Can I pledge with money i am expecting on Givers Clique?

NO, We strongly frown at members pledgeing amount base on the money they are expecting this is because if you fail to get the money you are expecting it means that you will also fail to meet up with your payment which will ultimatly leads to the blocking of your account since we do not tolerate default irrespective of how genuine your reason(s) might be.

Can I borrow Money to participate on Givers Clique?

As a peer to peer donation platform We strongly kick against Members borrowing money to participate on Givers Clique. Therefore, all Members are strictly mandated to participate ONLY with SPARE MONEY. This is because all pledges in the system are considered as DONATIONS.

What Time is Matching Usaully done?

Our Matching is done by our UK based expects every seconds by the day From Monday to Saturday.

How can i unblock my Account?

Call the Customer Care Service desk on +234 814-596-4474 for the unblocking of your account. Note that every unblocking of account attracts a fine of 20% of your last pledge. This process usually takes one to fourteen (1-14) working days to be completed.