Who We Are

Givers Clique is a multinational platform where members fund one another financially in their time of need.

Givers Clique was born out of thoughts on how to better the lives of individuals and an effective way is by circulating cash among her members for self development purpose and providing individuals funds to start up something useful to earn more and live better lives.

Qualification in becoming a Clique member

To qualify for membership you must be 18 years and about, fill the registration form correctly and provide help into the system by donating to existing Clique member(s). Becoming a Clique member has its own benefits because all Clique members are entitled to a certain percent of their money back depending on their currency of chioce used when making pledge.

All intending Clique members are required to read our Frequently Asked Questions and our Terms and conditions before filling the Registration Form.

What all members should know

Givers Clique is not a financial institution or a ponzi scheme . Givers Clique is a peer to peer donation platform therefore, Clique Members should Participate only with spare money since donating funds does not necessarily mean recieving donations.

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